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Treasury Market Liquidity during the COVID-19 Crisis …

As described here, all Treasury security trading through electronic IDBs is in the most recently auctioned (or on-the-run) coupon-bearing securities, which serve as benchmark securities for the Treasury market and interest rate markets more generally.
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US interest rate rise to deepen debt crisis in …

 · After the latest US jobs numbers on Friday beat expectations, a rate rise from the Fed’s policymakers when they meet this Wednesday is seen as imminent among investors.
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What is the Policy Interest Rate?
 · The policy interest rate determines the levels of the rest of the interest rates in the economy, since it is the price at which private agents-mostly private banks-obtain money from the central bank. These banks will then offer financial products to their clients at an interest rate that is normally based on the policy rate.
FOMC and Interest rate decision today and markets are cautious awaiting this important event | CM Trading
Risk-free interest rate
The risk-free interest rate is the rate of return of a hypothetical investment with scheduled payment(s) over a fixed period of time that is assumed to meet all payment obligations.[1][failed verification] Since the risk-free rate can be obtained with no risk, any other investment having some risk will have to have a higher rate of return in
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Will interest rates rise? We asked local economic experts

Singapore’s Exchange Rate-based Monetary Policy

 · PDF 檔案Domestic interest rates have typically been below US interest rates and reflect market expectations of a trend appreciation of the Singapore dollar over time. Singapore’s Exchange Rate -Based Monetary Policy
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Brazil’s central bank rises the Selic rate 19th March 2021 Data Bytes Brazil’s economy added 260,353 formal jobs in January 19th March 2021 Newsletter Signup
More than 70% of economists think a US recession will strike by the end of 2021 – Investment Watch
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ECB to keep the same forward guidance; eyes on fresh economic projections – Forex News Preview
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Monetary Policy – Effects of Interest Rate…
 · Australia Cuts Interest Rates to Boost Growth Australia’s central bank has cut its main policy interest rate to a new record low, in an attempt to spur a fresh wave of economic growth. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut its key rate to 2.5% from 2.75%.
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The 8 Best Economics Books of 2021
 · “Economics in One Lesson,” first published in 1946, is a good starting point for anyone who needs a thorough but not overly technical explanation of economics and how economies work. While it uses some dated examples, the underlying message remains relevant today: economics is best viewed as a long game that factors in both known and unknown elements that can influence outcomes.
Higher interest rates could hit Britain’s vulnerable economy - Commercial Finance Network

GDP: Definition, Formula, Types, and How It Affects You

Interest Rates The Fed implements expansionary monetary policy to ward off recession and contractionary monetary policy to prevent inflation. Its primary tool is the federal funds rate. For example, if the growth rate is increasing, then the Fed raises interest
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Uncovered Interest Rate Parity (UIRP)
Formula for Uncovered Interest Rate Parity (UIRP) Where: E t [e spot (t + k)] is the expected value of the spot exchange rate e spot (t + k), k periods from now.No arbitrage dictates that this must be equal to the forward exchange rate at time t k is number of periods in the future from time t
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France Economy
Today, the Banque de France is linked to the ECB and implements the interest rate policy set by the European System of Central Banks. The ECB is committed to keeping inflation below, but close to, 2% over the medium term.
Will the UK follow if US raises interest rates? | Financial Times
Bond (finance)
In finance, a bond is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer to the holders. The most common types of bonds include municipal bonds and corporate bonds. Bonds can be in mutual funds or can be in private investing where a person would give a loan to a company or the government. The bond is a debt security, under which the issuer owes
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Positive US economic data confirm the strength of the US economy and Pound is at risk of falling if the interest rate is not raised | CM Trading

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Wells Fargo’s monthly economic forecast gives you smart commentary and projections for the U.S. and international economic outlook. You are leaving the Wells Fargo website You are leaving and entering a website that Wells Fargo does not
Currency Report: 12 Effects of US Fed Interest Rate Increase on the Ghana Cedi | Anang Tawiah
Foreign exchange markets
Between 1944 and 1971, most of the world’s currencies were fixed to the US Dollar, which in turn was fixed to gold. After a period of floating, the pound joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) in 1990, but quickly left in 1992, and has floated