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Green Hornet, The

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The Story Behind The Green Hornet
Starting out life as the title character of a 1930s radio show, Green Hornet was created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, and went on to become one of American radio’s most loved programmes.
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GREEN HORNET Old Time Radio Shows
In the original introduction of the radio show announcer Mike Wallace of CBS’s 60 Minutes fame proclaimed that the Green Hornet went after criminals that “even the G-Men couldn’t reach”. The show’s producers were called by FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover who prompted them to remove the line implying that some crime fighting was beyond the abilities of the FBI.
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THE GREEN HORNET is an action comedy based on the radio show created by George Trendle in 1936. It borrows some iconic images and situations from the 1966 TV show which helped make Bruce Lee a star. The movie is basically an origin story, told in a
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The Green Hornet: A Detroit Original
You can listen to a number of the original Green Hornet radio programs from at the Internet Archive and get more about Wikipedia’s entry on The Green Hornet. Although this fight scene from the Green Hornet TV show has no real Michigan tie-in, it does have Bruce Lee!
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The Green Hornet
To read scans of the Radio Times magazines from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s, you can navigate by issue. Find out more Feedback about The Green Hornet, Radio 5, 18.30, 13 December 1993
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The Green Hornet Radio Show 1
The Green Hornet was an American radio program that ran on WXYZ (Detroit), the Mutual Network and the ABC Blue Network from January 31, 1936 to December 5, 1952

Green Hornet Radio Show
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Music from Green Hornet radio show?
 · While the Flight of the Bumblebee is used as the theme song for the Green Hornet radio show, what is the music used whenever the Black Beauty roared into action? I’m assuming it’s an excerpt from a piece of classical music. Thank you.
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Green Hornet
The popularity of the radio show led to a pair of Green Hornet movie serials (both produced in 1940) as well as numerous comic book appearances. The character was revived in 1966 for a short-lived television series starring Van Williams as Britt Reid.
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The Green Hornet May Get Rebooted with a New Movie

The Green Hornet began in 1936 as a radio show. 30 years later, it was a television show (1966-1967) starring Bruce Lee, and only nine years ago, a movie with Seth Rogen. Rogen played newspaper publisher Britt Reid, who fights for justice by day and, in a green and nifty costume, by night.
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Green Hornet
Radio in the 1930s [] Radio in the 1930s was like the internet bubble boom of the 90s, 00s and 10s. Good ideas were few, and copycats were plentiful. The totally original concept of the Blue Beetle was aped by many in the form of Spiderman, the X-Men and the subject of this article, The Green Hornet.
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The Green Hornet Is Getting Another Shot At Being A …

Hey kids, do you remember The Green Hornet?Whether it’s the original ‘30s radio show, the TV series from the ’60s, or the more recent Seth Rogen/Jay Chou incarnation from 2011, the property
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The Green Hornet Chronicles by Win Scott Eckert

 · But a few months ago I listened to a number of the old Green Hornet radio show broadcasts of the late 1930’s and really started to get into it. This book collects a number of stories written by contemporary authors that pay homage to the Green Hornet mytho Contrary to a lot of readers of this book, I was not a Green Hornet fan growing up.
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In 1952, today, #MutualRadio broadcast the final episode of its radio #superhero show, #TheGreenHornet. The show completed after 15 years, having aired on NBC, ABC and Mutual. But the hero returned several times, on The Green Hornet TV Show, running from 1966- ’67, as well as in many movies, such as the newest adaptation of the story in the 2011 film, “The Green Hornet”, produced …
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Green Hornet
The Green Hornet “The Green Hornet . . . He hunts the biggest of all game – public enemies who would destroy our America!” Created in the 1930s, unlike most of his Pulp era contemporaries the Green Hornet debuted on radio rather than in magazines or comics. He