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Types of liquor and wine licences
Liquor licences are outlined in the Liquor Act 1992.In Queensland, liquor licences are regulated by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). The type of liquor or wine licence you need depends on the type of business or organisation you want to operate.
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What liquor licence do I need?
The liquor licence selector tool asks you a range of questions regarding the planned activities for your business or event. It will then point you in the right direction to find a Victorian liquor licence type that meets your requirements. You may not always require a
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Liquor licence
Define liquor licence. liquor licence synonyms, liquor licence pronunciation, liquor licence translation, English dictionary definition of liquor licence. Noun 1. liquor licence – a license authorizing the holder to sell alcoholic beverages liquor license license, permit – a
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Liquor Licences
A liquor licence is required by any person or businesses that want to sell liquor in a public place or who wants to manufacture alcoholic beverages. The application fee for a dining-room, lounge, club, special facility, or in-house brewery licence must be received with the initial application.
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Requirement to display liquor licence
Licence document Once your application for a liquor licence is approved you will be issued with a document containing the following information: premises name and number licensee name address of the premises licensed area description permitted trading hours
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Serving and Selling Alcohol in Toronto – City of Toronto

To serve/sell alcohol in Toronto you need a liquor licence from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). You may also need documentation from the City to support your application to the AGCO for certain licences. These licences are: retail store authorizations permanent liquor sales licences temporary licences extensions of existing permanent licences special occasion permits (SOP
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Apply for a Manufacturer licence
Customize your licence An endorsement allows you to use your space for different purposes. You can add the following to your licence: On-Site store Lounge Special event Area Picnic area Liquor Sales at Artisan, Farmers and Annual Markets The first three
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Vary an existing liquor licence Administrators taking over a licence Amalgamation of clubs Apply for an exemption Change, alter or redefine a licensed premises Clubs changing committee members Extend a trading area Landlord or mortgagee taking over a
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City of Chicago :: Liquor Licenses

Liquor License Information Opening a business that requires a liquor license can be a rewarding endeavor. The City of Chicago is committed to assisting you through the process and helping you succeed. Obtaining a liquor license is a comprehensive process
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Liquor Licences and Applications Online
Search Liquor Licence Applications Search through all liquor licence applications. Feedback and Minor Licence Changes Send us feedback or notify us of any minor changes to your licence details. OTHER LINKS | Victorian Commission for Gambling and
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The issue of Liquor Licences is managed through the Ministry of Transport. Any sale or supply of liquor in public places requires a licence as stated in the Sale of Liquor Act 1991-1992. The Act sets out the requirements and the criteria the Liquor Licencing
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Liquor Licence
liquor licence; club licence; general wholesale liquor licence; and general retail liquor licence. The cost of these licences range from N500 to N500,000 depending on whether the liquor business is located in a rural community or a highly urbanized This is
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Liquor licence and BYO permit renewal fees for 2021
Liquor licence and BYO permit renewal fees have been automatically waived for all licensees except those holding a packaged liquor licence. This is because packaged liquor licence holders were not adversely affected by the restrictions put in place due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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Liquor Licence Applications
Liquor licence applications are needed if you are planning to host an outdoor market or event. Our liquor licence lawyers in Cape Town can help. Our top-class liquor licensing application services are provided at an affordable rate. Our experience with registrations
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Applying for a Liquor License in South Africa

A liquor license can therefore not be transferred from one person to another to be used at a different premises than the one the liquor license was granted for. The Government would rather have licensed that unlicensed premises, so in general the Liquor Board considers liquor license applications with a positive attitude as they would rather grant the license, if they can, than not.
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Section 4: Liquor Sales Licence Endorsements
Endorsements are add-ons to a Liquor Sales Licence that allow a licensee to sell and serve alcohol in certain situations apart from those generally permitted by the licence. A licensee may apply for and hold more than one type of endorsement, but endorsements of
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Liquor Licence Decisions
Liquor Licence Decisions Commissioner for Licensing Decisions from to 1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020 Commissioner for Licensing Decisions from to 1 July 2018 – 30 June 2019 Commissioner for Licensing Decisions in 2017 and 2018
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Licence types and trading hours
Casino liquor licence A casino liquor licence authorises the sale of liquor for consumption at a casino or any other venue enclosed in the casino complex. The permitted licensed area must be approved by the Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western Australia.