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GEOMETRIDAE Loopers This is a very large family of nocturnal moths that come in a wide variety of sizes with wingspans ranging from 12 to 120 millimetres. All geometrids have a uniform shape and stance The forewings of these moths are broad and
Spanner (Geometridae) Schmetterlinge auf der Schwäbischen Alb - Die Schwäbische Alb und andere Regionen in Bildern
尺蛾科 枝尺蛾亞科/ Ennominae, Geometridae
尺蛾科 枝尺蛾亞科/ Ennominae, Geometridae Show more 520 photos · 25,386 views Shipher (士緯) Wu (吳) By: Shipher (士緯) Wu (吳) Phylogeny of the Geometridae by …
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Spanner (Geometridae) Schmetterlinge auf der Schwäbischen Alb - Die Schwäbische Alb und andere Regionen in Bildern
尺蛾科(Geometridae ) 族 (tribus): 豹尺蛾族(Dysphaniini) 屬 豹尺蛾屬(Dysphania) 種 D. militaris 二元學名 Dysphania militaris (Linnaeus, 1758) 別名 Phalaena militaris Linnaeus, 1758 Euschema abrupta
Geometridae Label from public data source Wikidata Geometridae Géométridés Spanner Sources found: Geometroid caterpillars of northeastern and Appalachian forests, 2001: p. 1 (The Geometridae (inchworms, loopers, and spanworms) are the second largest
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A family of moths (order Lepidoptera). They commonly are known as measuring worm moths or geometer moths. Geometer Moths Butterflies and Moths Cite this entry as: (2008) Geometridae. In: Capinera J.L. (eds) Encyclopedia of Entomology. Springer
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Genus: Obeidia Walker, 1862 (Geometridae: Ennominae)

~Under Study~ Last update: 2009-07-24 中文名: 豹紋尺蛾, 長翅尺蛾(二者皆為臺灣地區所采用) 雖然本屬昆蟲在長江以南地區極為常見 但是無論<中國蛾類圖鑒>或者是<福建昆蟲志>等一些較大規模之地方性的昆蟲志內
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I Geometridi (Geometridae Leach, 1815) sono una famiglia di lepidotteri che comprende circa 21.000 specie, di cui poco più di 930 presenti in Europa.Si tratta della famiglia di lepidotteri più numerosa dopo le Erebidae.Sono diffuse in tutti i continenti e prediligono la
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Les imagos des Geometridae sont des papillons aux mœurs le plus souvent nocturnes ou crépusculaires, mais certaines espèces sont également actives de jour. Ce sont des papillo
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Der wissenschaftliche Name “Geometridae” bezieht sich auf diese Gangart (lat. geometres, der Landvermesser), ebenso der englische Trivialname “inch moths” (“Zollmotten”). Die Falter dieser Familie sind klein bis mittelgroß (Spannweite 18 bis maximal ca. 50
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Naam en indeling Spanners worden ook wel landmeters genoemd vanwege de kenmerkende voortbeweging van de rupsen waarbij de rups een afstand lijkt af te passen. De wetenschappelijke naam Geometridae is afgeleid van het Latijnse geometra of geometres, ‘landmeter’, dat op zijn beurt weer afkomstig is van het Oudgriekse geōmetrēs (γεωμέτρης), met dezelfde betekenis.
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 · PDF 檔案Geometridae: Geometrinae Reference/ rearing no. Lepidoptera Host plant Locality Taxon Subfamily Family Taxon Family SM151 Adicocrita discerpta Geometrinae Geometridae Osteospermum moniliferum
Geometridae) Wallacea
 · PDF 檔案Geometridae, bthos, Wallacea, taxonomy. dythos Fletcher is a replacement name for IVbbilia Walker (Fletcher, 1979). Due to the resemblance in appearance, this small sterrhine genus had been in some taxonomic confusion until Prout (1932) revised and it
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Any of various moths of the family Geometridae, having caterpillars commonly known as inchworms that move by looping the body in alternate contractions Geometrids – definition of geometrids by The Free Dictionary
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Geometridae A taxonomic family within the order Lepidoptera – the measuring worms, loopers, and cankerworms. Hypernyms [] (family): Eukaryota – superkingdom; Animalia – kingdom; Bilateria – subkingdom; Protostomia – infrakingdom; EcdysozoaArthropoda
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Geometridae synonyms, Geometridae pronunciation, Geometridae translation, English dictionary definition of Geometridae. Noun 1. Geometridae – measuring worms family Geometridae arthropod family – any of the arthropods Lepidoptera, order Lepidoptera
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Family Geometridae at Anacamptodes pergracilis, cypress looper on the University of Florida / Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Featured Creatures website Geometridae species in Portugal Citakan:Wikispecies-inline