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在主畫面會先顯示您目前連線的WiFi名稱,CHORD QUTESTを購入しました。 CHORDっていうと最初に知ったのは知り合いが …
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Chord Qutest DAC, D/A Converter
Chord Qutest DAC DAC baseret på Chord Hugo 2-teknologien men uden den indbyggede hovedtelefonforstærker og batteridrift. Hvis du vil have det absolut bedste resultat fra dine digitale kilder, så er der ingen vej uden om produkterne fra engelske Chord. Deres in
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Chord Qutest
Clocking and glass cables work well to retain detail (chord DACs cannot recover lost information, same as other DAC’s to be fair, they only remove jitter). Rates over 24/96 – a very good usb converter/DDC with a good linear power supply.
Test du DAC Chord Qutest : faites passer votre système HiFi à la haute résolution
Chord DAC Qutest vs Mojo+Poly!
Hi, I use Chord Mojo with Poly…Its sound is so wonderful on DLAN and ROON also rather than with Mojo only. I have a plan to replace from my Mojo+Poly to the Qutest. I would like to know about sound quality of the Qute…
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Chord Qutest or Naim DAC
Hi, I’ve tried 3 of the Chord Qutest with a blusound vault 2i and they messed up, all 3 failing and producing weird electrical noises after about 2 weeks. Got my money back and bought the Naim DAC V1 and had no probs so far (2 weeks). The Chord sounded great for the small time it worked but I do prefer the Naim to be honest. I have the XS3 amp so that might tilt it Naims way anyway
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Chord Electronics QuTest
Le DAC Chord Qutest est un modèle haut de gamme, équipé d’un convertisseur FPGA développé par Chord Electronics. Il prend en charge les signaux numériques PCM jusqu’à 768 kHz et DSD jusqu’à 22,4 MHz. Directement dérivé du fameux Chord Hugo, le DAC Chord Qutest en hérite la section DAC et ligne (mais est dépourvu de sortie casque et de batterie).
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Chord Qutest DAC, in as new condition, 5 months old, perfect all round, inc 5V LPS unit! 1495 1495 USD USD US Audio Mart 2021-03-07 FS: Chord Qutest 1100 1100 EUR EUR Head-Fi 2021-03-03
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Qutest – Chord Electronics in Deutschland

Klein und klangstark – Der berühmte DAC-Sound von Chord in seiner reinsten Form. QUTEST ist ein wahrhaft puristischer DAC – im Gegensatz zu seinen engen Verwandten im Lineup von Chord verfügt er weder über einen Kopfhörerverstärker noch einen integrierten Akku und ist deshalb ausschließlich dafür gedacht, den Klang der heimischen Anlage zu verbessern.
,もうちょっとチャイムの音がきれいになるとイイなーと思い10萬円臺で買えるDACでいろいろ検討した結果,Chord Qutest DAC發表會 / 數位流教學設定-普洛影音網

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【CHORD】英國 QUTEST DAC 高階數位類比轉換器
推薦【CHORD】英國 QUTEST DAC 高階數位類比轉換器, 搭配飛航級鋁合金外殼,提供電路板穩固的保護與良好散熱,momo購物網總是優惠便宜好價格,值得推薦,
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雅士音響,Chord Qutest DAC發表會 / 數位流教學設定 當Poly連上線之後,基本上您的手機就是一個專屬於數位流訊源的遙控器,以現場連線的名稱為例就是dlink-44D4。而上方則有五個符號,分別代表「熱點
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[心得] 50K內DAC大魔王: Chord Qutest
標題 [心得] 50K內DAC大魔王: Chord Qutest 時間 Sun Oct 4 17:38:02 2020 1. 摘要 承襲e大這篇 #1UrFsme9 (Headphone) 建議先讀這篇 本篇應該算是e大那篇做個小小的補充 因為這臺入手一陣子了 本來是打算等下禮拜總線到了再評論 版上關於這臺評論好像蠻少的
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Chord Electronics Qutest Review
The Chord Electronics Qutest is a new compact desktop DAC that is designed to partner with any amplifier as well as their new Hugo M Scaler. It is priced at £1195. Disclaimer: The Chord Electronics Qutest sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion in this review.
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Buy Chord Qutest Digital to Analog Converter (DAC): Signal Converters – FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases This is a giant killer. Yes, I said it. I have been a HiFi enthusiast for 25 years. I used to call myself an “Audiophile” but today I
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Awards 2020: Best DACs
Best DAC £500-£1200 Chord Qutest Read the full review here Another superb Chord DAC sets the benchmark Best buys Today’s Best Deals Chord Qutest Futureshop £1,194.99 View Chord Electronics Qutest USB Sevenoaks £1,195 View Chord QUTEST
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Chord Qutest or Naim DAC
The Naim DAC has better ergonomics than Chord’s idiosyncratic designs, but in terms of musical presentation, it has to be Chord for me. It’s lack of sonic signature and greater dynamics are probably responsible for my preference.
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CHORD「Qutest」を評論家 和田博巳が大推薦。デジタ …

音は同社フラッグシップDACのDAVEにかなりよく似ている。USBの外部給電式のせいか,それでもこの価格でこのような緻密で躍動感のある音はやはり驚異的と言わざるを得ない。大推薦である。D/A CONVERTER CHORD Qutest
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DACの買い替えはもう少し先の予定だったのだけど。 セッティングで詰められる部分はつめたつもりだけど,低域の重量感で差は出るものの